The Willow of Oz

Dressed like the Cheshire Cat and almost always smiling giggling and chirping Willow is the latest phenomenon in the Yiannopoulos / Famlonga families in Oz.

In her many disguises Willow charms everyone who meets her. Since early March I’m the proud grandfather so a little bias should be tolerated here.

Elli and Tyson
Tyson, Elli and Willow, earlier days

From Cyprus I did a flying visit to Australia to catch up with Elli and Tyson and meet Willow for the first time.

Me and Willow
Me and Willow

Needless to say it was love at first site as the cheeky monkey knows how to melt hearts.

She is a smart girl and her repertoire includes burping, filling her nappy, farting, drinking milk, chuckling, smiling, squealing and of course napping. A nice bundle.

Given we have the same interests we bonded instantly .

Cheshirre cat








I spent a few days making up for lost time in Vasse (2.5 hour drive south of Perth) with Elli and Tyson and we had a great evening with Jenny and Joel, willows other grand parents, who are putting in some strong competition.

Naturally Willow is the smartest child in the world and together we had lots of intellectual moments and exchange of ideas as you would expect. We had a great few days as we mulled ideas and laughed at each others theories.

The Willow phenomenon has been very catchy and she has drawn in many followers.

Grandma Carol and Willow and auntie Nina and Willow are but a few who are caught by her spell.

Tyson and his sisters or her other two aunties


Not to mention Tyson’s family who seem helplessly trapped under her gaze.

I’m heading back to Cyprus after ten days that just flew by, but will return to Perth for Christmas for a big family get together by which time she will be even more adorable.

Finally credit for creativity and clever work for conjuring up Willow has to go to Elli and Tyson who made this bundle of laughs and chuckles.



Ma Elli and of course dad Tyson to thank
Ma Elli and of course Pa Tyson to thank.


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