We left Perth at the beginning of March 2015 for a 20 months stint around the world. Given the time available we won’t be rushing and will travel by bus, train and boat whenever possible so that we can enjoy the feeling of traveling and gradually arriving.

We are travelling light and will try to follow the sun. Hence we started in Asia, went to Japan at the beginning of their summer, then across to the US and Canada, down to Mexico and South America for the Northern winter and hopefully to Europe in summer 2016.

Our one advance booking was to cross the Pacific on a cargo ship in August 2015. Apart from this very rough schedule, we’ve not made any plans or done much research. Want to stay flexible and be free to plan as we go.

Stay in touch

Nick and Malene

PS we also write a few stories for Solve Travel in Sydney


  1. Sandra says:

    I can’t wait to read your posts and follow your adventures – wishing you all the very best for what is likely to be a one in lifetime experience…. Xx

  2. monica Demetriades says:

    so happy for you , keep well my dear friends and enjoy your new travel adventure. If you are planning Europe, let me know and u never know we may catch up somewhere

  3. R Kemp says:

    Hi Nick , wattsup ,I thought I had a real treat install for me here and there were going to be hundreds of lux hol photos of the worlds most exotic locations and a pages of thrilling stories …. instead i find some naff airport pic ,Such excitement much impressed wow .
    Hope the big advent goes to plan, and you manage to get away from the airport if you do should be a blast .
    Told my brother in Hong Kong you were off on a world trip, he said If you are coming to Hong Kong he is happy to meet you if you have the money that you owe him.

  4. signe bang says:

    Kaere malene og nick.
    de bedste oensker for 500 dejlige og oplevelsesrige dage sammen. vi vil flittigt laese om turen undervejs og haaber paa et lille besoeg i danmark.
    mange kaerlige hilsener fra joergen & signe

    • Hej Signe og Joergen
      Tak for jeres hilsen. Vi kommer helt sikkert til Danmark men foerst naeste aar regner vi med. Hvis I skal paa en lang rejse til USA eller Syd America i mellemtiden kan vi moedes?!
      Nick Og Malene

  5. Alex says:

    Hi M&N
    Hooked on your blog now and jealous …
    Wishing you both safe travels, wonderful food, amazing adventures and eventually a happy return to Oz… But then again – who knows, hey 😉
    Maybe our paths will cross along the way – sometime, somewhere!
    In the meantime, be safe and keep us entertained and longing for adventures like yours on this page.
    Love from (now again) sunny Sydney
    Alex & the gang

    • Hello Alex and gang
      Really nice to hear from you and thanks for reading our blog. It’s a good way to stay in contact and maybe it will inspire your next holiday!?
      Malene and Nick

  6. Debal says:

    G’day, Nick.-
    Good that you’re travelling !!
    – Hope to see you in London;
    also if you’re around Florida
    mid/late Aug., let us know:
    we’re near St. Pete. Beach.

    • Hey Debal

      Thanks for keeping an eye on the blog and thanks for your comment. Never know but august is a little early as we will still be in Japan or on the ship over to the US, but late oct could be a possibility, otherwise London with Kemp.
      Take care and all the best
      Nick and Malene

  7. Francesca says:

    Well well look at the two of you semi retired fashionistas hitting the travel scene. Glad there are no baggy cotton creased trousers, hippy photos or Roussos kaftans showing up…yet. Have a ball. Enjoy it, be safe, wear sunscreen….drink bottled water bla bla bla lots of love francesca

    • Hi Francesca
      Luckily there is no space in the bags for hemp pants even if we wanted some… So nice to hear from you and hope all is good.
      Lots of love from Tokyo
      Malene and Nick

  8. Monica, Belly & Harry says:

    Hello from Mon.bellly and Harry H. From Nicosia.

    Yia sou Nicolaki mou. Congrats on becoming a grand daddy (or at least being one). End of your travels….. I’m so jealous though! This from Harry btw,

    Have fun barfing around the world . C u in 16 spring from Belly

    • Nick and Malene says:

      Hey tanks guys. Not yet a grand dad but hope by March that will change. Thanks for your wishes and looking forward to catching up sometime in summer or spring. Nice to hear from you and it would be good to see you again Harry.
      Take care Nick and Malene

  9. Ken says:

    Hi Malene and Nick
    Top trip and brilliant blog.
    Good to catch up with you in London.
    Our Corfu trip is cancelled, boat not floating, but, Cannes early September?
    Take care

    • Nick and Malene says:

      It was really nice Ken and so was the English bitter and the food. Shame about the boat hope it floats again soon in the meantime enjoy Cannes, never know, will look out for you on the red carpet!!

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