Crossing the Pacific

It’s time… Tomorrow we will be boarding the Hanjin Ottawa and set off for Seattle via Busan and Port Rupert in Canada. We hope for calm seas and blue sky.

The Ottawa is 279m long, 41 m wide, weighs 68834 tons and carries 4000 containers. We will be staying in one of 3 guest cabins on the ‘F’ floor, a level or two below the bridge which in normal terms is way up high.

Planned sailing time is 17 days and with no internet and limited and unknown company we have prepared plenty of entertainment:

– About 8 audio / e-audiobooks each
– 15 movies
– season 1 of Breaking Bad
– season 5 of Game of Throne (For Nick)
– 25 e-magazines (for Malene)

We expect plenty of food with morning coffee and afternoon tea and weekly BBQs but I’ve got a few packs of fluffy Japanese brownie bites for moral support and a pack of Cheesecake KitKit for special occasions. Nick has his lemon juice and the knowledge that beer is a dollar! Looking forward to reporting more in about 3 weeks…



  1. Jamunah says:

    Dear Nick & Malene,
    Have a safe trip. Take a video of your journey in the ship!!!!!
    Lots of Love from Geoje,S.Korea.

  2. Hege says:

    Hi both,
    Haven’t commented for a long while, but am catching up on your travels now, you are having such an adventure, am still so excited and happy for you! Hope the crossing has turned out “uneventful”, in the nicest possible way…..?
    Chris and I have settled into country life in Foster, Chris is loving his new power tools (chainsaw, mower, tree loppers etc, all in a days work…), where as I am enjoying … everything really! It’s hard work as everything is overgrown (garden) and in need of a “facelift” (cottages), but very satisfying to see the results at the end of each day. And we have guests! Here’s our website: , pretty basic yet, but we’ll get some more photos up soon.

    Continue to enjoy and explore, hugs to you both!

    • Hi Hege
      How nice to hear from you! Your new place looks cute! Looks like a nice place to relax for a few days. Which is what we are doing outside Vancouver right now after a great trip across 🙂
      Best regards
      Malene and Nick

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi guys! Checked your location today and looks like you were way up near the Alaskan archipelago. I am hoping this is because you’ve convinced Captain Stubing to take the scenic route rather than it being weather related. Give Ms Palin a wave as you pass. I believe you can see Russia from there.

    On a warmer note, was thinking of you both as I swam balmy laps at Uni today. We all miss you and can’t wait to hear how this leg of the journey went. Hope the skipping rope’s holding up..


    • says:

      Hi Elizabeth
      If you have a look at the latest blog all is revealed, just follow my high tech red sewing-cotton navigational tool showing the scheduled route on the map (in the new Pacific blog). Apparently that is the shortest crossing taking us through the Bering sea and into Mrs Palin’s back yard which explains the NO TRESPASSING OR YOU’LL BE SHOT sign we saw about 100 miles off the coast of Alaska. Met up with Reid and Kate this afternoon, it was great to see them all again. All the best N & M

    • says:

      PS we are doing one more blog post about the ship next week which we hope Aren and Evangeline will like – it has more machinery and noise

  4. Tine says:

    Hi Nick and Malene – but especially Malene, because it’s your BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Congratulation, Malene-pigen!!!
    Really disappointing that you’re completely out of reach and won’t see this note until a few days from now. I certainly hope, that you’re finding ways to celebrate …. perhaps Nick has saved some Cheesecake KitKit (whatever it may be???) for this special occasion?
    What’s new in DK? The first Dane in spaaaaaaace as of this morning!!!! Sensational 🙂 Tryg insurance news: Recently launched a cat-insurance on the danish market (meowwwww) – and today ran out of chicken in the cafeteria for lunch :-o. Private news: My car now has a tow bar fitted (Zzzzzz – damn expensive too), loads of work … and lots of love <3
    Hugs and kisses

    Følgende skal synges HØJT på DANSK:
    I dag er det Malenes fødselsdag – hurra hurra hurra …
    hun skal leve, hun skal leve, hun skal leve højt hurra …
    for hun er en af vor egne, en rigtig guttermand (?) …
    så gi'r hun nok en lille en, en lille en, en lille en …

    • Hi Tine, thank you for the birthday wishes and song! You won’t believe it but I did in fact find a Danish flag for my celebration – the photo will follow in the next blog.
      Lots of love

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