Category: Vietnam

Leaving Hanoi

I’ve noticed over the years that I/we always miss places where we’ve spent time regardless of how much we’ve liked the place or not. I guess it’s because all places have a nice side. We can’t say Hanoi is our favourite city but it has a charm and is very different from what we are used to. Read more

Halong Bay

Although we had seen lots of photos of Halong Bay before this trip, we were blown away. The seascape is awe inspiring and we felt special and lucky to be there. It even made Nick want to sing like Doris Day!! Read more

At home in Hanoi

We’ve been in Hanoi for just over a week now. Renting a small flat through AirBnB and really enjoying having some extra space. Trying to feel at home and explore the city without doing too much sightseeing. Read more

The Imperial City in Hue

Hue is a small town which until not that long ago was the capital of Vietnam and the seat of the last Emperors. Built along the Perfume River, it has an old walled city and within that a citadel which housed the Emperor’s quarters along with his closest family, concubines and eunuchs if I read the inscription right. Read more


Love love love Saigon! The city has such energy. Last night we were dreaming about spending a month here at some point. How else would we be able to eat at even a fraction of all the delicious sounding restaurants and cafes? Try more exotic pastries? Explore the tiny little alleyways? And venture into a few shops? We still haven’t shed any luggage so shopping is off the agenda. Read more