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Aboard the good ship Ottawa (A show and tell)

So we arrived at the terminal in Shanghai and were rushed on board. To give you a taste of what we were confronted with have a look at this video, after dropping our bags in the cabin we took some video through the porthole then rushed outside and stood on our deck “F” to see what we had let ourselves in for. I hope the height and feeling of being exposed comes across, that is something I had to eventually overcome because of my fear of heights. The ship loaded / unloaded and as soon as it’s over it’s on its way, that is how it was at all the ports we stopped at. Read more

The crossing: A true story as told by an old sea dog

As you can see from our opening shot there was something unreal about the whole crossing. The 17 days on board went by in a flash and by the time we made it to Prince Rupert in Canada, which was on the 15th day, we were taken by surprise, we’ve arrived!! On a daily basis we had plenty to do, from day one we put in place a strict regime and what follows are just some of our the highlights. Read more

Crossing the Pacific

It’s time… Tomorrow we will be boarding the Hanjin Ottawa and set off for Seattle via Busan and Port Rupert in Canada. We hope for calm seas and blue sky.

The Ottawa is 279m long, 41 m wide, weighs 68834 tons and carries 4000 containers. We will be staying in one of 3 guest cabins on the ‘F’ floor, a level or two below the bridge which in normal terms is way up high. Read more