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Atitlan – Chichicastenango – Quetzaltenango – Fuentes Georginas

It’s been a tongue twister of a week! These are some of the places we visited – no wonder we often struggle to remember and / or pronounce them all!

The road to San Pedro at Lake Atitlan was slow and hard-going. There was a little tarmac between the potholes with hairpin bend after hairpin bend, both uphill and down, but we got there in the end about 3 hours late. We took a tuk-tuk through the narrow winding roads of the village to where we were staying which was a bit further out than we wanted but the little chalet was nice, very comfy and had hot water. San Pedro is a party town but after El Paredon we were all partied out and would have been happy to stay in one of the smaller villages scattered round the lake, but San Pedro it was and we were finally there! Read more

What happens in El Paredon, stays in El Paredon

Halfway through our stay in Antigua we decided to go to El Paredon, a surf beach 2 hours away to stay at a hostel called Driftwood Surfer. Malene made the booking after seeing the poster which looked idyllic and  really chilled – a bit of a party place but also time for yoga. We arrived at noon and expectations unraveled as we got off the bus and were ushered into a scruffy back-door entrance, our room was like a goldfish bowl with 3 walls of windows but at least the bed was good . We can do this we agreed, so we made our way the pool area, what was going on there set the scene for the next four days. I counted about 10 girls ………. Read more

A postcard from Antigua Guatemala (updated)

Guatemala – another place we didn’t know much about… The shuttle was taking us to Antigua Guatemala, a small town located 1500 metres above sea level and surrounded by mountains and 3 volcanoes. It was just getting dark as we arrived and from the car we saw Volcano Fuego erupt and the glow from a bit of lava flow. The town is brochure-pretty with cobblestoned streets and cute little colourful houses and it was love at first sight. Read more

West to north west, destination Guatemala

We are on the surfing trail not out of choice but because the beaches along our route are great surfing destinations. El Tunco is a small surfing village in El Salvador where we spent a little time en-route to Guatemala, from there we will eventually wind our way up to Mexico’s west coast. In the traditional language El Tunco means The Pig after a strange shaped rock that juts out of the shallows, but its shape has changed since it was named and it’s now open to interpretation, above is how the surfer dudes must see it, but below is how it looked when we saw it. Read more