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Leaving Shanghai

We had booked tickets for the Shanghai – Osaka ferry. Since we started talking about this trip Japan was always top of list however we didn’t want to go until the weather got warmer. Very excited that it’s now time for Japan and we have loved pretty much everywhere along the way. Read more

From Guangzhou to Shanghai via Wuzhen water town

Our China visa is for 20 days so after 8 days we made tracks Eastward. First stop Guangzhou, a large modern city near Hong Kong. We sort of muddle our way through China, never completely sure that we are doing the right thing or that we understand what’s going on – but somehow it always works out and we end up where we want to be. We rely on equal parts planning and helpful strangers with some luck thrown in… Read more

Yangshuo and XingPing

Here are some more photos for the nature lovers! We had the most wonderful time around Yangshuo and XingPing. Great walks and bike rides through some of the most stunning country yet. Read more

Learning Chinese

Well, we are not really learning Chinese but we are trying to learn the Chinese way and how to operate here considering that we are severely handicapped by not being able to read the Chinese characters (or speak it!). Luckily we have found most people extremely friendly and happy to answer our Ni Hao (hello) even if we have to continue in ‘charades’ from there. Read more