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Phnom Penh (Goodbye Cambodia)

We stopped in Phnom Penh on three occasions, once for 4 nights on our way to Sihanoukville, again on the way back up to Siem Reap to meet Julie and the last time was to overnight on our bus trip to Saigon in Vietnam. Read more

The beach at Sihanoukville

Left Phnom Penh on a bus for the coast town of Sihanoukville which I think is named after King Sihanouk of Cambodia but haven’t checked that little fact. After Nomads Land we returned to experience the town which breaks down into three sections: the actual town with lots of places to stay and many backpacking hostels, the beaches a few km outside called Otres 1 and 2 and the Islands.
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We spent the weekend in Battambang (pronounced Battambong). Somewhere we had never even heard of a week ago but here we are… It’s quite a sleepy little town with some great French and Italian colonial houses, more typically Cambodian than Siem Reap and with a growing arts scene. Read more

Around Siem Reap

Before leaving Siem Reap we went back to the Angkor Wat area but to visit Banteay Sree temple located about 35km north of the City. It was a lovely drive through small villages Read more