Back on land: Prince Rupert and Seattle

Hey y’all!! We are back on land! Prince Rupert In Canada was a little taster before we got to Seattle a few days later but it got us thinking about our trip and the fact it’s now SIX months since we left Perth. The time has gone quick but at the same time it has passed slowly and is filled by so many places, people and new experiences. We don’t often spend time thinking about those early days in Cambodia and Vietnam – and that’s the second reason we are writing the blog. So that we can remember it all even when we get back home. The first reason of course is to stay in contact with family and friends and we really love getting emails and blog comments so thank you very much for all of those!

Our trip on the Hanjin Ottawa was like an interlude and now we are ready to start a new chapter of the trip in the US…

The town is the base for bear expeditions and Alaska cruises
The town is also the base for bear watching tours and Alaska cruises

Prince Rupert is a small port / mining town in Canada near the boarder with Alaska. We arrived late at night and had to wait for the gantry to be vacated.

Looking towards the port
Looking towards the port

The next day we were able to go ashore. It’s one of the wettest and least sunny towns in Canada however we were lucky. The photos show the unspoiled setting and parts of the heritage – from the native First Nation Canadians and even a spot recognising links to Scandinavia. I’m not sure if this relates to the Vikings or more recent visitors.

I thought I would be spending my birthday on the boat and that Nick might be planning to ask Chief Cook for a special meal but instead we got to celebrate in Prince Rupert. I even found a Dannebrog (Danish flag) which is a must for any self-respecting Dane on her birthday. Thanks to a tip from a local we found our way to Breakers Pub overlooking sunny Cow Bay!!

The view over Cow Bay was just magical!
The view was just magical!

And even more so when the sun started to set

Yet another beautiful sunset
Yet another beautiful sunset as we were making our way back to the ship

Two days later we got to Seattle where we spent a few days finding our land legs, catching up on news and emails and enjoying eating exactly what we wanted, when we wanted.

Love the fact that most people have turned their verge into a veggie patch
Love the fact that most people have turned their verge into a veggie patch

We are enjoying the easy life here – the fact that we can read all signage, recognise all the food and people understand what we say. And America is exotic in it’s own way even if it’s not as foreign to us as Asia was.

Bottoms up at xxx
Bottoms up at Lake Washington

We look forward to catching up with friends in Vancouver and San Francisco in the next couple of weeks and after that we plan to make our way across to the East Coast.


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