Aspects of Tokyo

Tokyo is jammed packed with things to see, do and eat. We have explored many different areas and it’s a city full of contrasts – small laneways next to busy avenues full of neon, old buildings next to new architecture, peaceful gardens and temples in the middle of the city, ladies dressed in kimonos and sumo wrestlers on the metro. Tokyo encompasses the biggest and the fastest but it also retains respect for tradition and history. It’s rare to see people rushing to get places, can’t say why – it could be the city planning, or just Japanese culture but either way it makes getting the full enjoyment out of Tokyo a great and easy experience.

This is what Tokyo looks like for those who only know cities by their subway maps
The evening commute

We’ve already mentioned the metro but look at the extent of the map considering that Tokyo city is very compact and covers a relatively small area compared to other metropolises. Trains run every couple of minutes and as I mentioned you can eat off the carriage floor – these photos were taken at 9pm.

Clean floors at 9pm
Clean floors at 9pm, confronted with this after a few drinks doesn’t seem right

I hope the following pictures will give you a feel of the city. We started with the tech / neon side of town (increasing in intensity), then the city business side and finally the more people-friendly laneways  between the large structures where you find the Izakaya (pub / eateries) and a myriad of other cool places.

In areas like Akihabara (Akiba) you can get lost among the neon shops, the crazy cafes and the Anime displays. Not a seedy area even though it’s full of maid cafes ( catering for the geeks who swarm there to get all things electrical and chat to girls in fantasy frilly outfits.

The tiny cars look even smaller amongst these buildings
It’s just so colourful
… and even more so at night


Tokyo is full of great architecture and modern design, these are but a sample. Just point your camera – you can’t fail to capture something interesting.

Need a doggy bag round here
Need a large doggy bag round here – the nick name for this sculpture by Philippe Stark is the Golden Poo
Swish and futuristic in Shimbashi
Test Test 2
The Shinkansen (Bullet trains) run through the heart of the city every few minutes
Sitting on a Sumo wrestler.
Sitting on a Sumo wrestler or something in the city

Parks, although beautiful, are here to be admired rather than be used for playing, given there are very few areas designated for walking on the grass.


At work in the park
At work in the park, the photo might be used for the next advertising campaign

However between the buildings there are laneways packed with Tokyoites, bars and restaurants offering any food and drink that could catch your fancy, including Shawarma Sushi if that’s what you want.

Asakusa in the evening
Ueno, near our AirBnB flat
Trendy Shimokitazawa
Cool Shimokitazawa
Shutter artwork

… and what goes on inside…

There it is
There it is – we are having a great time
A whole street of outdoor Izakaya
A whole street of outdoor Izakaya



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