Around Siem Reap

Before leaving Siem Reap we went back to the Angkor Wat area but to visit Banteay Sree temple located about 35km north of the City. It was a lovely drive through small villages

If we understood correctly, people live within the more remote Angkor Wat areas and also work there, either at the temples or selling cold drinks and handicrafts outside.

Tuk Tuk is definitely the way to go when visiting the temples. We saw other tourists on bicycles which seemed like a nice idea but just too hot this time of year considering the distances.

Nothing like a hammock for a quick snooze! Many tuk tuk drivers use them when waiting for passengers and we saw them strung up everywhere – in the shade under people’s house, amongst trees in the garden and on the street next to small stalls.

The temple itself was lovely. Small but one of the earliest temples to be restored which means that statues and lots of delicate carvings are well preserved. We particularly enjoyed these monkeys. We did see small monkeys along the side of the road in the area.

Many of the young Cambodian girls dress to avoid the sun and keep their skin pale. So while we are sweating in our shorts and t-shirts they wear several layers and a hat, scarf, glove combo! People are very friendly and happy to have a small chat.

On the way back to fown we stopped at a butterfly farm.



  1. Roy says:

    Morning Nick and Malene,
    As a stoney person these temple carvings are pretty good stuff ,must vis one day ,quite stunning and rather a lot of it . Some of the shots look like a scene from the Deliverance ,dont get into any banjo riffs with locals. Met Philip for lunch on friday all good in dtc world though not much of it left in London. xroy

  2. Joan says:

    Anna (staying with me this weekend) and I are enjoying your blog. You’re still looking remarkably tidy and clean, we’re sure you’ll soon look well travelled after scrubbing your clothes in the river with the locals! (We’ve just been travelling round the marshes of Essex…no monkeys though).

    • Hi Joan, nice to hear from you.
      Our clothes might look good but there are moments when ripe has a different meaning! Malene almost passed out the other day when she sniffed my dirty shirt. Anyway things have moved on since your travelling days – with laundry at $1 per kilo we won’t be washing in the river…
      Nick and Malene

  3. Eirini & Spiros says:

    Hi Nick & Malene,
    Great photos and very interesting notes. It looks amazing.
    Hope your having a great time and enjoying the incredible experience
    Keep it up and all the best,
    Eirini & Spiros

  4. Nina says:

    Love your photos. I thought the temples were stunning, especially the ones with trees growing out and around the ruins. Great that you’re getting into the culture…. are you planning to go to Myanmar?
    Selamat jalan:)

    • Hi Nina
      Thanks for your message, nice to hear from you! Won’t make it to Myanmar this time. Will have to wait for the next trip… Have planned a well-deserved holiday (haha) on a small island for next week before we continue. Hope all is good with you.
      Nick and Malene

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