Aboard the good ship Ottawa (A show and tell)

So we arrived at the terminal in Shanghai and were rushed on board. To give you a taste of what we were confronted with have a look at this video, after dropping our bags in the cabin we took some video through the porthole then rushed outside and stood on our deck “F” to see what we had let ourselves in for. I hope the height and feeling of being exposed comes across, that is something I had to eventually overcome because of my fear of heights. The ship loaded / unloaded and as soon as it’s over it’s on its way, that is how it was at all the ports we stopped at.

Warning note for Mum:  If you wear headphones or other hearing device turn the volume down or remove to watch the videos….. 

We thought it would be a good idea to take you on a tour of our cabin and the deck. This was later in the trip, as you can see we have our cold gear on so by now we were traveling through the Bering sea where the water is a cold as 7 degrees. No points for camera workmanship.

To add a little more flavor we decided a tour of “U” deck was necessary. “U” deck is the main deck a bit like the ground floor in land terms, above it containers rise six levels and the accommodation tower 9 levels, below there are six container levels and in the space where there are no containers but the engine room etc there is about 10 or 11  levels. So this is “U” deck where we took our daily walks and tried not to get blown off the ship. Pay special attention to Malene’s hand gesturing at the start it must be some kind of Asian Tai-Chi she picked up.

Ever wonder why after you’ve spent a fortune to ship your belongings they arrive at the other end like a box of Corn Flakes. Compare the neat loading in the first video, although not as detailed, to this loading deep into the ship at Prince Rupert, taken while looking down from our cabin window. This was one of the better container loadings that night, some were real hit and miss.

Well, we hope this gave a little more insight to our friends who might find these things interesting and a glimpse of life aboard a freight ship.



  1. Nina says:

    I’m confused Dad, are you going to Canada or the USA?

    Enjoyed the videos. I am very jealous! Although, Garth said it was very clean for a cargo ship!

    Miss you xx

  2. Nina says:

    Oh also, I can’t believe *you* filmed that last video. I have distinct memories of you cowering against the inner wall of the stone staircase when we climbed that little hill behind Naplion in Greece! You were like ‘Nina, Nina, get away from there! Get away from the edge’. Ha-ha-ha!

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