A sketch from the 1930's? maybe.

A day at the beachi in Korea

These are a few selected photos from what is probably our last day at the beach, this time in Korea. After spending 3 months in Japan we see Korea as having a totally different energy and I think this shows it quite well.

Our new world through the lens of a porthole
Our new world in Busan through the lens of a porthole

We arrived in Busan on the ferry from Fukuoka which took 6 hours, that marked the end of our Japan trip. We are now on a new adventure making our way through Korea to Shanghai to catch the boat to the USA. We had no idea what we would find in Korea but a few surprises awaited us.

Beachi is the term used in Japan and and as far as I can make out also in Korea.
We got in last night and we heard there was a beach, the best beachi in Korea, not far from our AirBnB apartment in Busan. We couldn’t wait to get our feet back into the water having spent those splendid days drifting lazily in Amami Oshima. Especially as this is the end of our beach days for a while.

We donned our bathers and got the 1001 bus straight to the beach, what greeted us was different from what we pictured in our minds, especially after Japan.

We came round the corner and saw the beach
We came round the corner and saw the beach
And from the opposite angle
And from the opposite angle

The rest of the photos are scenes taken as we walked along the beach to find a spot for our towels. All was in a mater of just a few minutes.

Big inflatable rings are a must.
Big inflatable rings are a must

In Japan but also here in Korea they like their inflatable rings but this beats Japan hands down. For $5 you rent a beach umbrella, two mats to lie on and two inflatable rings. Hats you must bring from home!

Dress code
Beachi dress code would not go down well in Australia

We aimed the camera and shot, somehow it produced these results. There was so much going on you couldn’t fail but capture something.

Orange is the dominent color
Dolphins in the surf
Some break from convention
Some break from convention
Just too much going on
Just too much going on
The aftermath of that wave
The aftermath of that wave
And they keepcomming
And they keep coming

But so do the photos

Lost at sea
Could be lost at sea
Some actually make it to the shore
Some catch a wave and make it to the beach in style
Some just attack with heavy ships
Others surf the waves on giant pink swans
Once on shore deserved rest
It’s certainly hard work for some
There is always tragglers
There is always the few who stand and wathch
Then the generals arrive in style
Then there is grandma doing it in style
Defenders try in vain
Others think its like soccer and need to block surfers from passing
And finally just come to the beach straight from last nights cocktail party
And finally just come to the beach straight from last nights cocktail party

In reality the beach was one big adventure play ground for the young and the old, I could have easily used up ten camera batteries taking photos. Just looking-on was fun but we also joined in, if only my camera was waterproof.

As the day moved on things slowed down a bit.

And they keep comming
Still plenty out there

As the beach was instructed to pack away at 5pm (everyone out of the sea was the announcement) it had a look, well for me at least, as though an invading medieval army had set up camp in front of the high castle walls with ships and sails still in the distance, these of course were the life guard lookouts and the beach tents.

Time to make camp and take the castle another day
(Time to make camp and take the castle another day)

I hope you enjoyed these shots as much as we have…


  1. Joan says:

    I’m glad you survived the typhoons in Japan! Those beaches looked delightful, no plastic bags or floating flip- flops….and no people! The sunami of inflatables and bodies in Korea is another matter! It will be interesting to see what you think of life there in general.
    I’ve booked in with your mum (no AirBnB) from 15th Sept for three weeks. Spoke to her on skype, she seems reasonably well, with two ‘ladies in waiting’ now. It’s a big relief to know Sue is training a replacement. Looking forward to some deserted beaches!
    Continuing good luck on your adventures!
    Love, Joan xx

    • nickyiannop@gmail.com says:

      Hi Tine
      So happy you enjoyed the Beachi blog, hope it means that we managed to get some of the atmosphere across in the photos. The whole thing was a surprise especially after spending 3 months in the reserved Japanese culture. All the best Nick and Malene

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